Hello lovely people! 

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him.
Ps. 34:8 

We would just love to share some (short) testimonies with you of what God has been doing in our ministry. We have tasted and seen His goodness and pray you will be blessed by reading these testimonies and tasting of His goodness as well! 

In the first weekend of February we went as a family to Hopefield in South Africa where we were invited to minister in a drug rehab farm to ex-drug addicts for a weekend. On Sunday we got to preach there as they had a tent set up where they come together every Sunday. God touched many lives there as Kevin shared his testimony and ministered. One of the guys that was there was a Muslim but he got so touched by the love of God that he gave His life to Jesus (see picture). Kevin was interviewed and shared about this miracle on a video that you can watch below.

Kevin has been preaching the salvation 
gospel on the trains and as he was doing that he felt a word from the Lord for a certain man so he started to prophesy over him. This man turned out to be a pastor that was so touched and blessed by this word that he invited Kevin to his church. We will not be ashamed of the gospel!

In the beginning of March, Kevin was invited to come preach and teach in the DTS in Worcester, South Africa. He also spoke on the community meeting that turned out to be a powerful meeting that continued in a radical time of worship for 1,5 hours after the altar call! When we are lost in the presence of God we loose track of time.

We went for an amazing time of evangelism in Woodstock with the House of Praise church and friends of YWAM. We took the gospel to the streets and saw many healings that led to salvation including Muslims coming to the faith. We also invited people to join us for a evening service where Kevin shared his personal testimony. A Muslim women that was healed on the streets ended up bringing her whole family to church to hear about our Lord Jesus. Praise God for His power.

At the end of March and beginning of April Kevin went for 10 days of ministry to Thailand and Cambodia to be part of the Nations2Nations conference in Battambang where over 26 nations came together to worship the King! We saw many surrendering their life's and responding to the call to go to the nations of the world with the gospel and five Buddhists giving their life's to our Lord Jesus for the first time. Glory to God!!

We went as a family to Robertson (South Africa) to speak on the Father's school that is under the umbrella of Iris Global Ministries. This 2 days were filled with Gods presence and many new kingdom relationships. We saw many miracles including 2 short legs growing out in front of many witnesses. God is so good!

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of teaching about the Holy Spirit on our DTS here in Muizenberg. We heard many wonderful testimonies of hearts being healed and filled with joy, life's being set free with one of the highlights that we saw a deaf ear pop open! 
But the greatest of all was to see a hunger to know Him as a person and not just power. Thank you Holy Spirit for always being faithful and to God be all the glory!!
Kevin had the privilege to preach on resurrection Sunday (Easter) in our local church the Bay community church in Muizenberg. As the gospel was proclaimed we saw many people respond to the salvation message and dedicating their lives to Jesus, praise God!!! Watch this video of the altar call :-)

This is a testimony of one of the persons that responded to this altar call and is to all faithful praying mothers out there:-) On resurrection Sunday a young boy that never wanted to be in church or have anything to do with God was dragged by his mother to attend the service to hear my testimony. As he was hearing Kevin's testimony, he heard him say that: "Maybe you are here because your mom dragged you to church, but know that Jesus loves you and He wants to make Himself real to you." The Holy Spirit so lavished Gods love on him that he came forward and surrendered his life to our Lord. Dear mothers never stop believing, never stop praying, for with God all things are possible and no one is impossible. God is so good!